Welcoming Remarks


Seoul Metropolitan Council
Kim In-ho

“I will put the safety
  and happiness of citizens
  at the center of everything we do.”

Dear 10 million citizens of Seoul,
I am Kim, In-ho, the 10th chairperson of the Seoul Metropolitan Council.

Amid the COVID-19 crisis, the Seoul Metropolitan Council has served half of the four-year term and begun the 10th assembly for the latter half.

With 10 million citizens exhibiting a mature sense of citizenship in the face of the unprecedented crisis, I feel the tremendous weight of the chairmanship with a deep gratitude and a great sense of responsibility. I will actively act as a supporter to live up to the extraordinary response shown by all citizens.

I will become a chairperson with a practical ability who can continue to develop the Seoul’s council and ultimately turn it into the bedrock on which a happy Seoul led by citizens is built.

By paying more heed to this uncharted challenge and helping citizens to safety breathe and freely laugh, I will take this opportunity to communicate with and keep pace with the citizens to develop the council’s capacities for co-existence and reconciliation.

Additionally, I will make my utmost efforts to ensure the assembly faithfully acts as a policy- and law-making body and performs field-centered council activities to lead the local assemblies nationwide to achieve the progress of the autonomy and decentralization.

To do so, I will remain ‘loyal’ to 10 million citizens of Seoul; faithfully fulfill my ‘duties’ in the most humble manner in the face of the difficulties of the times; in the process of working, not simply save my position but consult the ‘natural course of things.’

By constantly pursuing a vision of making Seoul a city for the citizens themselves through balancing the power with the central government and realizing the autonomy and decentralization, I will put the safety and happiness of citizens at the center of everything we do.

Thank you.